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Just crossed the border ... about 6am & freezing !!

View of Tupiza

Very dusty, bumpy ride !!

VERY cold ! The only items we did't haggle for 

(cost us one nights accommodation!!)   

Salar de Uyuni. Anyone for Salt?

A tomb ... not a hostel (phhheeewww!)

Ready for bed !!

Another day of endless salt lakes and dust !!

This was up at 4500m, visiting the salt lakes.

The group of guys we travelled with in the jeep

FFFFFF....Freezing Cold !

More nothing !

and more nothing miles later

Hot steam in the middle of the snow.  mmmmmmm.

Amyas ascends a peak at 5000m !!  Hope he doesn't slip !

Silver mining area.  Dishing out the coca leaves that 

prevent the workers getting tired or hungry 

Ahhhh.   Do you sell bacon in a packet please ?? 

They should have just asked us to take their photo in the first place

instead of bribing us with their local rocket fuel first !! Oh well.



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