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Look closely at this one ….. !

  From experience 2 drivers does not mean twice as safe!!!


A quick rest in the jungle.


A quick ride into someone’s front room !


Spot the odd one out!


It’s not ALWAYS sunny!  This was a dry road 5 minutes earlier!!

But it did mean we could sit down and have another coffee.



Taxi into town …. The smile is for the camera … I can’t believe I paid him for this!!!


Train ride to the coast (12 hours … seemed like 12 days!)


Lunch time …. Quite an up market establishment!


Off for an MOT?


Petrol stop.


Woops… Gone a bit too far!!

(don’t worry Mum … we did turn back here!!!)



Angkor Wat. What?


(and Cathy!)



Lara Croft?


No, boots aren’t big enough !!!


Another what!?


These traffic jams …….

Never seen so much fuss over a bit of water!



Independence Hotel …. Blown to pieces during Khmer Rouge rule and not touched since.

Not much of a tourist attraction but, certainly eye opening.


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