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These pictures were scanned in from on a steam powered scanner in Hampi!!!


First night in India in a hotel in Bombay. We thought the best thing to do was to drink Jimís Bolivian moonshine to protect us from all known diseases.

This stuff later proved to be good for mozzy bites (antiseptic and for numbing) as well as the lighter fuel we used on the barby before we left.


And below, the main drag to the beach in Goa! Standing next to me is Martyn who we travelled with to Hampi.


And me standing in front of some spices.


Waiting for a train to Hampi. We had to catch a bus for the first leg of this journey as there was a derailment just before this station. 8km of track had been demolished so we skirted around by busÖ A nightmare of a jouney. It would have been bad enough tackling the terrain on the CCM, let alone the death wish attitude of the bus drivers.

This was the rickshaw ride to Hampi in the middle of the night. The driver had his stereo pumped up to maximum volume, maximum distortion !!!


Hampi proved to be an extremely relaxing place once the locals had recovered from the sonic attack from our driver.


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