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Slow boat to Laos. A two day trip on a wooden plank to Luang Prabang!!


Some native wildlife !!!!!!!

They probably eat these for breakfast.


A couple of temple scenes:


We take these temples very seriously !!


The road to Vientiane. This was at about five in the morning. It got hotter and hotter as the day went on.


Cathy and some friends !!


Second time we are millionaires !!

The largest denomination can only buy a baguette!  Bigger purse required!!


Anyone for horse fried rice ?


With only horse on the menu, I'm starting to disappear 


The "yellow hair" does it every time !!!!


Deluxe transport along Highway 9, the "Eastern Corridor to Vietnam".  In fact a dirty old truck along a VERY bumpy road.  My bottom has not been the same since!

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