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Indonesia (Sumatra)

All I wanted was some food !  First day in Indonesia attempting to buy some noodles from a street vendor.  We had to meet the whole family first !


 Visit to coffee grinding ‘factory’.  Coffee was ground in an old wooden water mill!


 Not bad for a pound a night!  Hut on the beach with our own pet bat !  Nothing like being at one with nature?!


Waiting for a lift into town.  No, Amyas has not grown his hair – sitting with me is Koen, a Dutch guy we met on the way. 


One of Amyas’ busier days!  It’s a tough life!


 Getting to know the local wildlife ….


 Millionaires!  For the first (and probably last time in our lives … until our next visit to Indonesia!)  12, 000 R = 1 pound ! 


Amyas getting to know the local wildlife part 2 !  This time not by choice!  Amyas’ calm, composed expression (!?) is hiding his fear of imminent Rabies contamination !  Don’t worry Mum … all was OK !!


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