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Thailand (1)


 Fire breathing in Krabi.  Glad we weren’t on the front row …. He got very close to a couple just in front of us!


Just to prove it’s not always sunny !  This storm caused quite a lot of damage to the surrounding area.  Many palm trees were lost ! 


 Krabi – West Coast.  Did some swimming in the sea, Kayaking and climbing here.


 Still Ko Tao.  Did a 4 day diving course.  Really good visibility.  3 others on the course.  Did a few boat dives in the surrounding area.



Yes, they force feed alcohol to innocent people here too !  Not us fortunately and …….. 


…. It’s a good job!  This is later on the same evening with no one forcing me to drink anything!  Just tired (honest!) and asleep on the beach for a while after a day in the sea.


Last evening in Thailand before heading over the river to Laos.  


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